Massaro Makes Her Mark on the Tennis Team at Greater Latrobe

Leaving a Legacy

Avery Massaro is leaving her legacy on the tennis courts at Greater Latrobe Senior High School. She started playing tennis when the racquet was bigger than her. Now she grips the racquet that holds her years of growth in the sport of tennis.


Growing up in the Sport

Avery started playing tennis around the age of five due to the influence of her parents. “My mom and dad both got me into tennis because they both played when they were younger and have continued to play all through their lives,” stated Massaro. From practicing with her family to moving up to the Greensburg Racquet Club, her yearning to improve never faltered. “I started to play more competitively when I was 12. Then I started to get serious with clinics and lessons, and since then I’ve competed in tournaments,” explained Massaro.


Memories Made to Last a Lifetime

Not only has she made valuable friends and countless memories, but she has learned skills that transcend outside the court. “I’ve definitely learned a lot about teamwork and collaboration. Even though tennis is an independent sport you need three people out of five to win. So you definitely still need to have that teamwork and team bonding and collaboration skills,” proclaimed Massaro.


Paving the Way to Success

Not only is Avery a leader within her community and with her two younger siblings, but she stepped up to the plate this past season, alongside Josie Marts as one of two Varsity Tennis Captains. “It was really fun! We got to lead a lot of practices which was cool to do the running and conditioning drills. It was nice to have a leadership role in a sense because you always wanted to help the team and if someone was down we pump each other up. It was just really cool getting to see that,” explained Massaro.


Preparing for the Real World

The life skills that Avery has learned apply to the other activities that she is a part of. “I definitely feel like having good collaboration skills and teamwork allows me to work better in groups and in different activities when I am working or within different clubs. Along with just being able to be a leader in a team while being a follower in the sense of going with the flow,” stated Massaro. 


Western Pennsylvania Girls’ Tennis Sportsmanship Award

Massaro’s kindness and leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed within the community. Avery recently received the Western Pennsylvania Girls Tennis Sportsmanship Award. Due to her character and integrity, coaches, fellow players, and WPIAL Officials decided to select Massaro as the 2022 recipient.  “It felt really great! I have played tennis all of my life and it is something that I’m glad I’m good at. But I’m also really proud that I was known for being fair and friendly with it. For other players and other coaches to recognize that was really a good feeling,” proclaimed Massaro.


The Start of Something New

High school truly is the start of something new. Although Avery has concluded playing tennis for Greater Latrobe, being a part of a collegiate team could be in the cards for her. “Right now I want to attend a five-year physician’s assistant program and schools that I got into and am applying to all have tennis teams. Some of them I’m looking at more for tennis and others more for the school itself. But I would love to play on a team or club in any way,” stated Massaro.


Words of Wisdom

Massaro will always appreciate her coach, Karissa Skiba, friends, senior Josie Marts, junior Bridget McHugh, junior Sarah Lazeski, and family for supporting her along the way. She explains how important it is to cherish all of the moments for someday they will become memories. “Appreciate all of the memories you make and the bonds you create because it goes by really fast and it is such a great time and experience. You will definitely create some of your best memories,” referenced Massaro. 


A Bright Future

Avery Massaro will excel in anything she pursues. Whether it be a collegiate sport or a physician’s assistant program, Massaro will tackle each endeavor with grace and determination. For she is forever an athlete and forever a wildcat.