Goal Cats

“People’s opinion of you is none of your business. Nor should you make it yours.” ~Steve Harvey

Peyton Myers, Assistant Editor

Think of your friends, not just people you say hi to but the friends you’d risk calling family. There is most likely respect for how they think of you. We humans naturally feed off of encouragement, especially encouragement given from people we respect and look up to. Now think of how’d you feel if that person doubted you. How would you feel if you came to them with a goal or an idea and they told you that it is absurd or you can’t do that? The natural answer would be that it felt like getting punched in the face morally and emotionally. They don’t believe you, a best friend, can accomplish a certain goal. The catch is this, whatever in life you want to conquer is YOUR business. The process to reach the goal should be fed with positivity, hard work, and obsession. Your aspirations and dreams don’t need to be stomped on by peers’ opinions on whether you CAN or CAN’T. People can think what they want, say what they want, but you have a choice to take it the way you want. It can be taken as discouragement to stop, seek mediocrity, and not chase the person you want to become. Or you can take it as inspiration. That negative feedback is only fuel to keep moving forward. It’s fuel to push through the days that are the hardest and darkest, when it’s hard to see the dream. The truth is, the only business you should go about is your own. That’s how you’ll accomplish YOUR dreams, YOUR successes, and YOUR goals.