Editor Blog-Rachel Stauffer

Even though parents play a major role in their children’s lives, other factors can influence the impressionable in either a positive or negative way. Naturally children or teenagers to want to change the way they dress, act, or say based on daily influences such as friends, peers, and most of all, the media in order to become “better.”

The media is everywhere- television station, radios, songs downloaded onto iPods, and magazines. A typical day for a teenager is to wake up and automatically turn on the TV or on the way to school, they will blast the radio or music on their iPod and sing along to the songs not really noticing the explicit words or the innuendos.

 Almost every iPod has Ke$ha’s catchy tunes. Her song “Tik Tok” has more than just catchy beats. The lyrics imply partying all night long. Her song titles explain it all-partying, drinking, and not having any self respect. Yes the tunes of the songs are catchy but the words are what are subconsciously influencing around the clock.  The lyrics of her music tell teenagers that the only thing important in life is to have fun by partying and drinking all the time.

 Britney Spears has been trying to improve her nonstop partying image for years. Yet her lyrics do not reflect the image she was trying to break. Her new song, “Criminal” shows how she is in love with a criminal and nothing is going to stop her from loving him. This message is telling teenagers that acting this way is okay and there is nothing wrong with acting out.

On the other hand, other celebrity artists such as Beyonce and  Taylor Swift, sing about meaningful things in life. Beyonce’s “Run the World” is an empowering female anthem showing that women can be just as powerful as men. Taylor Swift sings about her heartbreaks and family. A very touching song that shows the true meaning of life-family is Taylor’s song “The Best Day,” which tells a story about her mother and growing up with her family by her side. These role models influence teens through their music in a positive way. Through their lyrics, teenagers can see that it is important to stand up for yourself in life and to appreciate those who are part of your everyday life.

Music can be influential in a teenager’s life. The lyrics in Ke$ha or Britney’s songs can make drinking or having little self respect seem okay when young, naïve kids only listen to this type of music. Taylor Swift or Beyonce’s songs on the other hand provide a positive message to listeners. Not caring what people think, the importance of letting go and forgetting those who bring you down are healthy messages sent to teenagers.

 Almost every day on the news, a celebrity doing something illegal or getting arrested appears and catches all of our attention. I can’t even remember the number of times Lindsay Lohan was arrested and sent to jail and then miraculously released . Back when I was 8 or 9 years old “The Parent Trap” was one of my favorite movies and I would watch it countless times. The little innocent red-head in the movie is how I remember Lindsay Lohan growing up. Now, she is anything but innocent with her guilty records on top of failing to complete her community service duties.

“Jersey Shore” is one of the top-watched shows chronicling the outrageous lifestyles of people in their early 20’s. These ‘guidettes’ and ‘guidos’ are the total opposite of what parents want their children to aspire to be. Their day consists of GTL: gym, tan, laundry. During the night, they go clubbing until 5 in the morning. Teenagers are watching this show and probably thinking that this lifestyle is the only way to have fun as a young adult. The only thing viewers see these characters doing is drinking, screaming at each other, and going to tanning beds on a daily basis. All of these characters are a negative influence on teenagers of all ages because many teenagers watch it all the time.

 Some celebrities choose to life the life that appeals to them regardless of what message they may be sending to fans. They are just living their life and not caring about what people think. By continuously knowing what you are watching and listening to, you will save yourself from partying around the clock and becoming the next criminal.