Girls Volleyball Talks Team Mentality

A good team mentality is important to a team that wants to win. Although a good mentality isn´t always easy, the Girls Volleyball team takes it to the next level. Coming home from an outstanding performance at Highlands High School, the team learned that they are the first girls volleyball team in Greater Latrobe history to go undefeated, winning the first 12 games of their season. This didn’t come easy, but the chemistry and mentality of the girls are what brought them to this point. 

When it comes to the bond and motivation of a team, the leaders are the go-to. Senior team captain Giovanna Jones said, ¨My biggest motivation for this season is the fact that this is my last year with the group of girls that I’ve been playing with since 7th grade. Everything we’ve worked on up until this point has put us in the right spot to finish this season on a high note.¨

Being undefeated doesn’t come as a shock for this storied team. During their 7th and 8th grade year, they went undefeated, so this title isn’t anything new to them.

Jones went on to say, ¨Another motivating factor is that we all have the skill and chemistry to make it very far into playoffs, and possibly states.¨ The girls have shown grit and determination to go far this season. This is proven by winning multiple five-set matches against section rivals, Armstrong and Indiana. Part of the victory was stripping Armstrong of their undefeated title and claiming the top spot in the section. 

With a sweeping victory against Highlands on September 29, this marked the halfway point of the season.

As the season winds down, senior middle blocker Paige Watson said, “My expectations for this group of girls are extremely high. I really hope to keep up our undefeated record and secure the section title, especially considering the talent and chemistry we have this season.¨

These expectations, though high, aren’t out of reach for this team. Learning that they were ranked third out of 149 schools in the state under Section 3A has set the bar even higher for them. ¨I was very, very proud of my team. Every single girl on this squad played a role in securing this ranking, and it made me emotional thinking about this group of seniors and how hard we’ve worked to get here,¨ said Watson. 

The Latrobe volleyball team isn’t a group to mess around with. Celebrating Senior Night really put things into perspective for the girls. They don’t have much time left playing the sport they love, and with the time that they do have, they hope to make it the best they’ve ever had.