The Iron Knight


The fourth, and final, addition to the Iron Fey series, The Iron Knight, was released on October 25 with much anticipation. This series, originally meant to be a trilogy, had this additional installment in order to make the series end “happily ever after.” The Iron Queen, the third book, ended nobly, with self-sacrifice. Even though I am partial to self-sacrifice, as well with Julie Kagawa, the author, many wanted another installment in order to make a happy ending.

 The story picks up after the closing of The Iron Queen. The Iron Queen ends with Meghan Chase, the main character who is a half-fey daughter of a fey king, chooses to take the throne in the Iron Kingdom, separating herself from her true love, who cannot enter an iron infested land because it acts as “kryptonite” to the fey. Ash, Meghan’s love who is the son of Queen Mab, the winter fey Queen, is banished by Meghan from the kingdom since she knows he will stay with her even if it kills him, but, before he departs, makes a promise to find a way for them to be together. This is how The Iron Knight starts.

 Unlike the first three, which are told from Meghan’s point of view, this novel is told from Ash’s point of view. Ash is a hard person to read, stubborn, and doesn’t always open up; viewing Ashes motives and thoughts behind his actions, especially towards his archrival, the Summer Court jokester Puck, opened Ash as a character. Puck, who is Meghan’s best friend, Ash’s ex-best friend, the reason Ash’s first love died, and who is also in love with Meghan, comes on Ash’s journey.

 Puck, Ash, and Grimalkin, an overbearing cait sith, along with a few surprising companions, go on a journey to the end of the world in order for Ash to obtain a soul so he can survive the Iron Kingdom. This voyage is faced with challenges that must be overcome, but the journey is only the beginning- the destination is the true test of strength. The tests Ash must face are impossible, none have passed them before. He must encounter much, overcoming challenges and learning truths that challenge his deepest beliefs to see if, like Meghan, Ash can make the ultimate sacrifice.