Peyton Miracle Myers Recovers



Latrobe hockey suffered a huge loss in Peyton Myers’ recent absence.  The returning letterman suffered a grade one MCL tear and a minor quad hematoma during preseason hockey scrimmage at Penn State University against Pine Richland High School. He lost minimal motion and strength due to his injury, luckily being a grade one tear. The quad hematoma injury meant that he suffered a blow and deep bruise to the thigh. 


 As the team was scrimmaging in this prestigious arena Peyton went  knee to knee with one of his opponents. He described it as a kind of moment of shock. Peyton believed that he had broken his leg at first and had to get help from the other team’s goalie to get off the ice. 


“I really hoped that I wasn’t out for the season,” said Peyton. Peyton cares about his team so much that’s all he could think about. He believes in the team aspect and he’ll be there to support his team– injury or not.


Peyton has had a serious injury before. In junior high,  he broke his wrist but luckily didn’t miss any time from  the school’s season. 


After his leg injury he went to a Penn State women’s volleyball game with his sister  because his doctor, Dr. Lee Jay,  didn’t believe it was a major injury at this time. When Dr. Lee did contact him about the seriousness of his injury, Peyton found out it was a grade one tear. Although this would sideline Peyton for two to four weeks, his family, team, and himself were extremely relieved.


Peyton’s mentality was negatively affected at first, but then he realized this is a way to grow without a stick in his hand. He saw his chance to grow as a teammate, for he sees this as an opportunity to help coach up his team and still be a part of the winning atmosphere that Latrobe hockey brings in their 41st season. 


In the first game of the season Peyton wasn’t on the ice; he was on the bench supporting his team. Myers’ injury kept him sidelined while the Wildcats took on Shaler. His team was down knowing he couldn’t play, but they have a next man up mentality. Although Peyton is a key player, he is a team player. “…we don’t have to rely on one player,” said Myers. He was proud that the team was able to secure the win on their home opener.


To the community of  Latrobe’s shock, Peyton “Miracle” Myers was able to play in the second game of the season versus the Hempfield Spartans. He was able to rehab his leg and gain full use of it just  before this huge section game. Myers went on to score a goal during this blowout game, as he changed the atmosphere of the rink and brought the energy. He is without a doubt a game changer!