Teener League Preview

As the first couple weeks of the Latrobe-Derry Area Teener League passes by, many teams are happy with their start to the season. Teams like FOE (The Fraternal Order of the Eagles), Nakles, Frontier Club, St. Joes, and Bardine’s, all won their first matchup of the year. Although VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Cooperstown, Heat Siphon, Derry Ukes, and St. Anthony’s all lost, the league plays 27 games in the regular season which gives these teams lots of time to get out of their early losing season. 

Each game is played at “Rosa/Oglietti Field” in Latrobe. The league has been around for over 20 years, but in 2004 the field was overhauled in the project, “Field of Dreams.” During this project, the field added many new renovations like a batting cage, a pavilion for fans, and a grass infield for the players. This made the field enjoyable for the fans along with the players on the field. 

Being that the field was renovated almost 20 years ago, most would think it would be in need of another, but many people in the Latrobe-Derry area pitch in and make it look as good as new each season. Specifically, Tom Batcho, who runs the concession stand at Rosa/Oglietti Field. He works tirelessly to keep the field ready to play and bring in money for the league. 

“I have been here for a very long time, this field has come a long way since I started. ” Said Tom in regards to the field. “I am excited to have a full season this year, instead of a shortened one like last year.” He added.  

Like Tom, many players around the league are also excited about the 2021 season. 

“We might not have the best team, but we will do just fine.” Said Bryson Hill.

Bryson is a 15-year-old for VFW, like most players he has played with his team since he was 13. Bryson is an Outfielder and occasionally moves into the corner infield from time to time. He didn’t see much time in the field for the VFW, but this year he will be in the game almost every inning. 

The age range for the league is 13 to 15 years olds. When each player gets drafted to a team at the beginning of each season, depending on their team’s situation, their playing time differs. Last season, VFW lost 9 kids due to the age range. It just so happens that each of those 9 kids was in the starting lineup almost every game. VFW drafted 9 kids in the past draft, which took place in March, to replace the athletes they lost. Each team has 15 kids, which means VFW will have to start mostly 13-year-olds when they take the field each game day. Teams like FOE can start mostly 14 and 15-year-olds. That usually means they will play cleaner baseball with fewer errors which makes them harder to beat. 14 and 15-year-olds usually make up the starting lineup, so the 13-year-olds can learn from them and get the experience they need for when it comes time for them to be put in the field. 

When it comes to Baseball for young athletes coming out of Little League, the Latrobe-Derry Area Teener League is set up perfectly for them to have fun, along with being competitive as soon as they are drafted onto a fresh team.