Road to Playoffs


With the hockey teams season getting cut short last year and not being able to go to Texas they were really looking forward to this season and senior Allen Rider was able to shine a little light on that. 

When the season had just started the had a little bit of rocky road. Rider said, “So far the season has been great. We had a rough start as we lost five of our first seven games, but we’ve turned it around and put ourselves in a position to make playoffs.” 

This year is going to be a sad year for some of the seniors since it is there last year. They were all looking forward to the season, but it comes around it can get a little sad because they sooner or later it will come to an end. Rider said, “I’m a little sad that it’s my last year of Latrobe Hockey, but playing this year has been awesome despite the restrictions due to COVID. Everytime I go to the rink I have a blast and I enjoy every minute of it.” Three seniors were really excited to play this season, as it will be the last time to experience to play with everybody and wear a Latrobe jersey for one last season.

The team this year is hoping to make it to playoffs and go far this season and try to come back. With them starting out a little rough people might not of thought that they would go far, but that is not what they are looking to do. Even though they had lost five of the first seven games they now have won nine games, lost five, and tied one. The team made a comeback and is planning on making it far in the season. Rider said, “I think our team is underestimated. I think that we’ll be able to surprise a lot of people and make it a long way.”

The hockey team has really put in a lot of work to get better and work as a team to show everyone what they are capable of. Rider said, “I feel extremely lucky that I have a chance to play with everyone again. Everyone on the team is awesome and getting to play on this team the past two years has been the highlight of my hockey career.”