Varsity Swim Season Recap


This swim season was extremely unique compared to past seasons. With it starting in the midst of a pandemic, the team had to be ready for anything. It started out normally, but with a lot of new guidelines that the team had to follow. They were limited to only three per lane, with one at each end of the pool and one in the middle to stay socially distanced. Compared to last years, there were around 4-6 swimmers in each lane all on the same end of the pool. The new changes were definitely interesting, but the team managed everything extremely well.


Around the start of the season, the Latrobe team was one of the only schools in the section that was allowed to be able to practice at their school. This gave the team a good advantage when they finally managed to start having meets again. The team performed great at all of their meets, with swimmers getting PRs extremely frequently. This was definitely one of the best performing seasons in a long time, especially for the boys.


The boys performed exceptionally well this season, they only lost two meets in the section and even managed to break a record for the first time in 10 years. The odds were definitely not in their favor, as most other teams were much larger. They still managed to pull through thanks to their hard work and some clever coaching. This has definitely been the strongest the team has been in a very long time.


“I always knew we would do great, we put in the work and it definitely paid off. I’m super proud of all of my teammates for the work they put in and how everything turned out.” said Colin Spehar, a junior on the team and one of the four boys who broke the record.


Even though the team had a bumpy ride due to shutdowns and schedule changes, the team managed to thrive and fight through the unfortunate circumstances to have a highly successful and overall fun season for everybody.