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Christmas Trees line the center of the garden center in the Latrobe Walmart in early October.

Christmas Trees line the center of the garden center in the Latrobe Walmart in early October.

No one watches commercials anymore, with exception of the Super Bowl. Who would when you can just fast forward through them with a DVR? I, too, was leisurely watching a prerecorded show one Friday evening, with the luxury of fast forwarding through the commercials. As I was fast-forwarding, a Christmas tree in a commercial caught my eye. “Really? Am I really seeing this,” I thought.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I went back and actually watched the said commercial. It indeed was. On October 14, 2011, a commercial for Christmas was on Television. This got me thinking. I know – scary thought. Many are now wondering where I am going with this, but as always, I do have a point.

At the time, Christmas was 60 days away, 60 days seeming so far, but we know it will be here before we know it. Soon, malls will be hustling, and carols and lights will be abundant.  However, autumn is in full swing with the crisp cooler air, vibrant leaves falling abundantly, pumpkins and gourds galore. At last check, snow is not covering the ground with frigid air blustering, but the reality is that the holiday rush has already started. The few remaining months of 2011 will go by in a flash. I don’t mean to sound like Charlie Brown, but Christmas has become too much of a flamboyant, flashy holiday fully taking over Autumn’s attributes.   

Autumn doesn’t get its fair share. Maybe I’m partial as its my favorite season, but the autumn season seems to fly by and is covered over with thoughts of holiday cheer. Although things are dying off from the luscious summer season, I still take the time to enjoy it! The colors of orange, yellow, brown and red provide a mosaic of beauty through nature. I can truly say that I love the smell of fall. Walking out of my front door into a crisp and cool fall day, that distinct smell of wood smoke, decaying leaves and the cold wind blowing into my face is simply the best. The clear sky heightens the breathtaking scene as leaves bluster in the wind.    

In addition, though, fall has much more to offer other than breathtaking scenes. Farmers harvest their crops following the hard work throughout the summer. Favorite coats and “hoodies” like the Letterman’s Jacket or Classic Columbia emerge once again from the attic. Fresh carved pumpkins and gourds spook the neighborhood, crunchy corn stalks tower on porch railings and lampposts, and scratchy golden hay bales provide a place for fall mums to rest. Canning of vegetables from the garden occurs and many enjoy favorite fall treats like pumpkin pie, apple cider and apple butter. Many visit specialty fall harvest festivals and markets, like Fort Ligonier Days and Seven Spring’s Autumn Fest. Fall provides the most beautiful natural scenery for many traditional memories to occur.

Christmas Trees line the center of the garden center in the Latrobe Walmart in early October.

The fact is that before long, Christmas commercials will be more and more abundant and as the last autumn leave falls off the trees, a new kind of tree will be in our life signaling a shift in seasons. Oh, wait; they are already lining the aisles of Lowes. At that point, the last of autumn’s natural beauty is exhausted. While you still can, join me in taking the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of nature; the holiday season is sure to infuse our lives sooner than we think. Is that Christmas music I hear on the radio?

Now that I think about it, I believe I should just continue to fast forward through commercials from now on so the leisurely activity of watching television doesn’t end up in a long, drawn out discussion, like the one I just had.