Boys Soccer Season Ends With First Round


The 2020 season was definitely one of the most interesting seasons the boys soccer team has had. With everything going on, the team had to adapt to many different challenges. All fall sports teams were affected by the Covid-19 virus, with many being shut down completely or delayed for a significant amount of time. Luckily for the soccer team, they were able to participate in conditioning during the summer to help them prepare for the upcoming season. Players were extremely optimistic towards the coming season.

As the season began, things at practice had to be slightly changed to accommodate for Covid-19 safety precautions. For practices, players had to split into groups and practice separately from each other to try and socially distance. With conditioning and practices going well, the team performed extremely well during their games for the season. However, everything changed when players on the team tested positive for Covid-19 late in the season. The entire team had to quarantine. 


With having to quarantine, the team missed four games that they were looking forward to playing and were even very optimistic about winning. “The season was going fantastic. If we would have played the four games we missed, we definitely would have placed higher in the playoffs,”  said Quinn Norman. He described the quarantine as having an overall negative effect on the team due to not being able to practice for the final game or the playoffs.


Even though the team lost their final playoff game, they still were very happy with how they played. “Overall I feel like as a team we grew a lot as the season went on and ourselves in a good position to make a playoff run even with a two week hiatus,” said Michael Shoemaker.