The Monster Dolls


Going back to school this year many classes have had to adjust and make changes. One of those classes would be fabric arts with Mrs. Coss this class has been affected and changed with all the guidelines given. Fabric arts is a fun class to take and learn the basic techniques of hand sewing and using the sewing machine. Students used to be able to work very closely and with each other, but this it is a little harder to do so now. One of the main projects that is done every year would be the monster dolls made out of felt. The first thing that students did was pick out a kit that they would want for their doll. Each kit came with all the pieces to make the doll come together. Inside the kit it included three pieces of felt, which two of them were the same color. Then, there is thread, a needle, straight pins, and the template. Senior Lily Keslar gave us a little insight on how she is making her monster doll. Keslar said “I was really looking forward to doing this project and to use the sewing techniques that Mrs. Coss taught us.” Before the project was started students learned three different sewing techniques to use. These techniques are the running stitch, back stitch, and blanket stitch. “I would have to say that the blanket stitch is one of the more difficult ones to pick up on.” The first step to creating these dolls is taking the template and cutting it out of the two felts of the same color, which will be the body. The other felt with be the accent colors for the features that students add to the doll. “When I started to sew all the features on my doll I was being very careful to make sure I take my time. I wanted to make sure that it looked the best it could and that all my sewing techniques were correct to get the full points.” She sewed an eye, a nose, stitch, and a smile for all the features that she was required to do. “Once I started sewing it becomes easier and easier the more you do.” Once she was done sewing all of her features it was then time to sew the front and back together, and then when back school it will be stuffed to be completely done. Sewing the doll together took the most amount of time. Keslar said that she couldn’t wait to go back to school and be able finish it off so it could finally be done. The monster doll is a project that all student enjoy and get to start practicing their sewing skills. Fabric arts is a class that is enjoyed by many and the monster doll is a part of that. It is a class to consider if you are looking to learn something new that you might not already know.