GLSD Varsity Hockey Hoping for Another Great Season


With the loss of ten seniors last season the Latrobe Varsity hockey team needs to be stronger than ever. The ten seniors who graduated last year were no doubt amazing. Multiple players moved on to play at a higher level, either in college or in a junior league. 

One of the senior players Alex Walker was given the opportunity to tender with The Wichita Falls Warriors, a junior team belonging to the North American Hockey League. Walker is a huge loss to the team this upcoming season. Last season he brought in 12 goals and 29 assists in 13 games. 

 No doubt that the varsity team this season will need to step up their game, but they do have a strong team. Alex Schall, Allen Rider, and Logan Byrd are the team’s seniors this year.  Forward  Schall had 15 goals and 18 assists last season and is hoping to improve this coming season.  Schall has hope for the 20-21 team. He said,  “I think we’ll do well even though we are a young team.” The young team Schall described are the 13 sophomores that make up the majority of the team. Five of these sophomores were call ups last year. A call up is a player that has a full time spot on junior varsity and when needed the varsity coach will bring them to a varsity game. 

The ice cats hope to have a strong season and stand up to the competition!