How to Survive High School


Walking into a brand new building for the first time surrounded by older, experienced students, new teachers, and new halls can be quite intimidating for a sophomore the first few weeks of school. Here is a list of items that are essential to most high school students and carrying them at all times will help students “survive” high school.

Extra pens and pencils. – Never come to school depending on one pencil for the entire day. What if it breaks or runs out of lead and you need it for that big math test ninth period? Many students bring the bare minimum to school so it is not a good habit to depend on your peers for spare writing utensils.

  1.  Calculator. – Whether it is scientific or graphing, I can guarantee this tool will come in handy for more than just math class. Biology, chemistry, physics, and so many more classes require the use of a calculator almost every day.
  2.  Extra spiral notebook. – In just the first four weeks of school alone, I used all of the 80 pages from my “College Ruled” spiral notebook. Every day at least one teacher will have you take notes so this is an essential to have at all times.
  3. iPod- Some students listen to their iPods several times throughout the day whether in study halls, walking through the halls, or on the way home from school. If a class finishes early and there is nothing else to do, listening to music provides some stress relief.
  4. Cell phone- Definitely not for texting during class, but it comes in handy if you miss the bus and need a ride home or to contact a friend about getting a ride home or about a meeting after school.
  5. Gum. – It is hard for many students to get through the day without chewing a piece of gum. It keeps some people focused and is helpful for after lunch. It is surprising how grateful some friends are when you offer them a piece!
  6. Extra cash. – It is always a good idea to carry around a few extra dollars to school every day. The yearbook staff sells chocolate covered pretzels throughout the school year and you never know when you might want one. It also comes in handy when buying a last-minute breakfast or a drink at the student store.
  7. School laptop. – Many teachers incorporate the use of laptops through everyday learning. It is a good idea to bring your laptop to school every single day just in case it is needed for class. It also is a great resource or keeping up-to-date with grades on the Home Access Center.
  8. Finished homework. – There is nothing worse than cramming studying or finishing last night’s homework in homeroom or the class before the assignment is due. This should not become a habit since it prevents you from focusing in class.
  9. A good and positive attitude. – It is so important to come to school with a positive mindset for the day and to be in a good mood when you are around your peers. You will get more work done, earn better grades on tests, and still have a good time.