3 Takeaways from Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips. 


     So this year I decided to take a class called Lincoln on leadership, taught by Mrs.Pellegrino. During this class we read a book called Lincoln on leadership. It reflects on the things that Lincoln did and how he was a great leader. The book gives the rules almost on how to be a good leader. Personally I enjoyed the class and the readings. It was interesting to see what makes a good leader because there are so many different interpretations of leaders  today. So here are 3 takeaways from my favorite chapters


1.Build Strong Alliances 

“A house divided by itself cannot stand”

This is the second chapter in the book. This chapter taught me alot about the importance of alliances and how to build them. In this chapter the author reflects on the impotence of listening and how many leaders lack this quality. He also gives examples on how Lincoln dealt with different people in forming those important alliances.


2.Honesty and Integrity are the Best Policies 

“Stand with anybody who stands right. Stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong”

This quote talks about  surrounding yourself with honest people. When they start to stray and do wrong you should be able to recognize it and let them go. Lincoln is known for being honest and true. He even coined the name honest Abe during his campaign. This chapter taught me the importance of honesty because it is a judgment of character. 


3.Have the Courage to Handle Unjust Criticism 

“Do what Lincoln did. Ignore most of the attacks if they are petty but fight back when they are important enough to make a difference.”

Lincoln has definitely faced a lot Adversity throughout his time as president. I feel this a valuable chapter because we live in a world everyone is constantly criticized. This chapter talks about how to face it head on and how to not get caught up in it. During Lincoln’s term as president everyone judged him for freeing the slaves and not accepting terms from the south during the civil war. Your gonna face criticism but its what you do with that criticism that makes you stand apart from others.