Great Qualities in Friendships or Relationships


Alexis Osborne, Staff Writer

In every relationship, key components make it important and everlasting. These qualities are some of the best that make sure any kind of friendship or or a romantic relationship is a happy one for a lifetime.


Honesty: This should be a necessity for every relationship. People should have the ability to say how they feel and should feel comfortable with saying what’s on their mind. Communicating with honesty makes a relationship stronger and builds up trust between a group of people or one another.“I think honesty is an important quality because it allows trust in a relationship, and that brings more people together,” said junior Michaela Ferry. Even though sometimes it’s not wanted in certain situations, it will have the best outcome over time.


Respect: It’s important to respect someone in a relationship because it can make someone feel protected by one another and can put their mind at ease knowing they have enough respect in their relationship. “I feel that there has to be mutual respect for each other and without that it’s not a good relationship to begin with and there needs to be the same amount of respect for each person to keep the balance,” said junior Tanner Sabol. Another sign of this in a relationship is accepting people’s flaws and accepting them for who they are. If this is shown, then it can increase the confidence in a relationship and make it even stronger.


Trust: This quality is probably the most rare in a relationship but is the most important one to have. It’s important to have faith in someone so they don’t second guess everything someone says in their mind. “Without trust, some communication can’t happen because you’ll keep second guessing yourself and it could really play with your mind,” said junior Brenden Scranton. Having a lack of trust can really do damage to people in a relationship and could cause contamination to any future relationships.


Understanding: It’s wonderful to have an understanding relationship because it can make both sides feel like they can voice their own opinions without being contradicted by each other and can cause less conflict.”I feel that it’s important to talk your problems out to fully have a good understanding of one another. You definitely would want to talk about any issues face to face instead of over the phone,” said junior Grace Revitsky. Understanding is also reflected by listening to one another in a relationship. If someone can listen to another person speak and not be interrupted, they feel understood and heard which can have an effective impression on the relationship.