End of the Year Motivation

End of the Year Motivation

What is your motivation to keep going until the end of the year?

“Looking forward to a lot of sleep in the summer.”

-Alexis Brickel, Senior

“Knowing that graduation, summer, and fun will be here before I know it”

-Megan Levay, Senior

 “I am in Capstone and during last period almost everyday, especially in May, we go down to Rotary Park and work with the stream.  I’m also in a few art classes that really make me want to come to school.”

-Cassie Milyak, Senior

“Making sure my grades are decent enough so my college doesn’t think I’m slacking off.”

-Gia Dominick, Senior


-Jessica Kissel, Junior

“Absolutely nothing!!”

– Ethan Greek, Junior

“The idea of summer being right around the corner and the hard work is only for so much longer.”

-Rheannie Newell, Sophomore

“I keep the mentality that everyday I live and go to school, I’ll never have to do again.  Then when I’m not working, I’m flying to get my private pilot’s license.  So that definitely keeps me motivated and my grades up!”

– Adrian Rossi, Senior

“My physics lab table friends, band, lunch, my awesome second half of the day classes, my friends and stuff like that.”

– Jake LeJeune, Junior

“I would like to finish out the year strong to avoid any summer punishments from my parents.  And my friends help me too.”

-Kyp Wojciechowski, Junior