All About Young Kennametal Engineers

Young Kennametal Engineers is a program that is offered at Greater Latrobe Senior High for any junior or senior who is interested in a career in engineering. The class frequently visits the original Kennametal location in Latrobe with Greensburg Salem students to learn about key concepts of engineering. Collectively working to meet strict deadlines, and enhancing engineering skills for the future.This is the perfect representation of what the world of engineering careers has to offer.


Kennametal is an extremely successful company that design, produce, and sell a plethora of tools used for milling, construction, mining, ceramic, wear components,and engineered components. Having a major industry, filled with success and experience, educate a class is not common and is a great honor. 


Within the class there are two ongoing projects, assembling a model rocket and a creating battery tester. The rocket rules are to modify an aspect of the rocket. The rockets will be launched on October 8th, 2019. The battery tester will be presented in December. Restrictions for the battery tester are to successfully test a battery, then to be sorted into a “good” or “bad” section. The battery may not be handled after it is initially entered the sorter. This may be one of the most difficult tasks Kennametal has presented.


Geonna Sutton, a Junior in the program, she spoke a little about  her experience in the course so far. “I was interested in engineering, mostly Mechanical and Aerospace. I took this course to further my knowledge and certain things in the engineering world are built.” she explained the main purpose of taking the class. She described the first project. “We are building a rocket and our big project is making a battery tester. I think these projects will both be successful as we move ahead because of how well our group works together and how many good ideas we have already come up with. Geonna predicted where she sees herself with the knowledge taken from the class.” I see myself being a mechanical engineer, and I think this program is another step towards helping me achieve my goal.”


The Young Engineers program allows students to visualize and live the life of an engineer- the hardships, success, stagnant thoughts, or even when there is nothing but confusion. Kennametal provides an accurate representation of what engineers do day by day, throughout a semester course.