To VICTORY and Beyond


Anne Dalton, Managing Editor

7-year-old Victory Brinker of Latrobe is no stranger to the stage.  Her love for music was apparent at a very young age. For most two-year-olds, the vocabulary is limited.  At two-years- old, Victory was able to sing entire songs aside from the classical children’s tunes. Christian Contemporary Artist Mandisa was one of the first artists Victory listened to while empowered her to find a connection to music.

Adopted as a baby, Victory is one of 11 children, 9 of whom were adopted.  Victory is homeschooled by her mother alongside three of her other siblings, while her older siblings are doing early college and the younger ones are not old enough just yet. At a young age, her mother Christine Brinker, N.D., a naturopathic doctor at Brinker Family Wellness in Greensburg, found she had a really good pitch and was a young talker.  Victory’s mother describes it as natural talent. Dr. Brinker introduced the musical scales to her at home.

“It took awhile to find an opera teacher in Pittsburgh due to her age,” said Dr. Christine Brinker.  Victory starting singing at 18 months and was able to sing real songs by the age of 2 and 3, but began performing last year.  Not only does she enjoy singing in the English language, but Italian, French, German, and Latin too.

Victory’s parents believe she captures the heart of people because at such a young age, she is singing a complex genre of music. Her mother says, “She sings from her heart and maybe people sense that.”

Victory discovered opera when she was six years old.  YouTube allowed her to see people hitting the highest notes in music and the second Victory heard opera, she was hooked.  “Ave Maria,” which has Latin and German roots, was the first opera song she had picked up the lyrics and pitches to in a heartbeat (a single day).

Since, Victory has sung Italian “O mio babbino caro” or “Nessun Dorma,” or the French “The Jewel Song” (“Ah, je ris de me voir”).  “That’s the thing she loves about opera, the challenge. Learning the new language with it,” said Brinker.

The kickoff to her singing career was an international talent competition, in which she submitted a video.   She won three months after beginning her music career. Although that was her first competition, her first audience was in Pittsburgh at a talent show for children where she performed the first opera song she heard, “Ave Maria.”

This talent show will not be her last.  Since, she has brought home eleven first place prizes out of twelve talent shows.  Her voice took third at one of the biggest stages of all time, Carnegie Hall in New York City.  Many singers who have been practicing and performing their entire lives are unable to say that, but at 7-years-old, she has already checked that off her bucket list.  She will be returning to New York City to perform at the Apollo Theater in the near future.

Victory had the opportunity to perform the national anthem before the Utah Jazz game in January.  Her mom said, “It’s really cool, the Utah Jazz called again to ask to perform in playoffs.” Three months after her sports game debut, she had another offer.

Recently, Victory performed the  “The Star Spangled Banner” for the 133rd Pittsburgh Pirates home opener.  She stepped up to the plate and performed the national anthem for over 37,000 people.

She has sung the national anthem at variety of venues including Saint Vincent College basketball games and during the President’s Athletic Conference Championships.

“We are very humbled by the opportunities she is offered.  We are thankful for the doors God has opened and that Victory gets to do what she loves,” said Brinker’s parents.  “God gives everyone gifts and a purpose. She has found hers at a young age.”

Not only has Victory held the stage for singing, but has picked up acting as a passion as well.  Victory has made an appearance in two Hollywood feature films and just finished filming a short film.  She has made her way to New York City and Lexington, KY, as well as Washington, D.C., where she had a lead role in a movie.  Her talent stunned the cast during off-camera time in one of the films as she sang “Ave Maria” for them and the directors did not second guess the idea of having her singing a portion of the song as a small piece of the film.

“Victory is so young and continually growing and learning as a performer, so we will keep providing platforms for her to learn challenging material and hoping for opportunities to perform,” said Brinker.  “She is just starting out, so we take it one step at a time and ensure it’s always fun and balanced for her.”

In the past few months, the Brinker family has traveled across the country to watch Victory.  “It’s been really hectic for all of us,” said Brinker. “Family time to her is important so we’re planning to give it a rest.”  Victory has said that her favorite part of traveling is “meeting so many great people.” Her parents enjoy meeting new people as well as the memories created.

It is no question that Victory’s charisma has lit up the stage.  Her bright future will not only capture more people all across the world, but will inspire people older and younger than her to see the beauty in music and to go after their dreams.

Check her out on YouTube and Instagram @VictoryBrinker