Senioritis: Harrison Leipold


Finally, the time has come where I am officially a fourth quarter senior.  This is the time when the term “senioritis” is said to set in, but for me it started much earlier.  You could actually say that I had a minor case of “junioritis”.  As soon as the weather got nice last spring, you could find me on the golf course or streamside fishing much more often than hitting the books to study and getting my homework done.  That being said, I still pushed myself hard enough to maintain my good grades in order to have the best chance of getting into the college that I applied to.  In late January, I found out that it had all paid off as my dream came true and I was accepted to Penn State University main campus.  This is when things really started to go downhill.  Since that time I have found little to no motivation to study for any tests or get my homework done.   Who needs high school anymore when you are already accepted into college, right?  There is no longer any reason for me to slave to keep my GPA as high as possible other than a little self-pride.  But who really cares if I end up with a GPA of 3.6 as opposed to 3.5 anyways?  Either way, I am still headed to Happy Valley this summer.  Due to the fact that I am starting with a summer semester at Penn State on June 26, I won’t have much of a summer vacation which just gives me even more reason to relax and take it easy now.  I figure to get my typical three months of summer break; I will just have to start a little earlier this year.  This means my near perfect attendance may take a hit come April, especially if it ever gets nice out and stops snowing.