Does Article 13 Affect You?

Sofia Serge, Staff Writer

Article 13, also known as “meme ban” has recently taken the world by storm. Article 13 states that “online content sharing service providers and right holders shall cooperate in good faith in order to ensure that unauthorised protected works or other subject matter are not available on their services.” This means that any websites that host large amounts of user-generated content are responsible for taking down that content if it infringes on copyright. Now although this only directly affects Europe, many believe that this will also impact us in the U.S. Students were asked what their thoughts were on Article 13 and if they thought it would affect us.

“I personally am not happy about Article 13. Although it doesn’t directly affect the U.S., it will put a ban on many videos from creators in Europe that I like to watch. I also think it is unfair that people who have worked super hard on their content will now have it banned and restricted. I also hope that this doesn’t limit the amount of memes I see. In all, I don’t think this is necessary, and is a bit excessive. So, I don’t agree with Article 13 and and I think it will affect us.”

Mya Favata Grade 9


“I don’t really have an opinion on Article 13. It really only directly affects Europe, and I know that it may affect us a little bit, but overall I don’t think it will. I would be disappointed if it were to restrict some memes and YouTube videos, but I don’t think even that will make a major difference. I also think that since this is a law belonging to Europe we should just wait and see how it goes. If it turns out to be a disaster, I’m sure laws will be reversed and changes will be made.”

Abby Honse Grade 10


“Article 13 will certainly affect students in the US, because social media content is worldwide. As Americans, we hold the rights of freedom of speech, including what we post, etc. I believe that this infringes our rights to view posts posted by any user. It does directly affect us as well, because we are restricted from what material we can and can’t view.”

Cameron Kaminski Grade 11

“I think that as a nation there is a pull to assimilate especially with Europe. So there is a great chance that our politicians will see this and do the same. However, I do think that America is one of the only countries to respect and allow net neutrality and Americans rights. So I do think as a show of force America won’t, but there is a strong chance they may be affected. “
Radhika Mehta Grade 12