FBLA Gets a New Start at GLSH


Mrs. Butler (left) and Nate Clair (right)

The business world has so many connections, and one more has come up in our school. Nate Clair, a Greater Latrobe senior, has restarted the Future Business Leaders of America club this year. Mrs. Butler, the club advisor, will be advising Clair, who will serve as President.


Officer elections have taken place, with Vice President being AJ Rock, Secretary Tayler Weaver, and Treasurer Dom Hart.


“Members will learn aspects of a business and how to build a successful business strategy through the competitions we will participate in,” Clair said. Even though the club had been on a 12-year hiatus, Clair was determined to get it back up and running for his last year of high school. Clair said, “It allows kids to explore the business field and allows them to experience what a business is.”


“I learned about FBLA at Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW.) “I met some friends there who spoke about how fun it was. I looked into it, and thought we should reboot it at GLHS,” he said about his interest in FBLA.


He said they enjoyed FBLA because it allowed them to interact with the community and other peers in a project. It also helped show results in their future. Around ten Latrobe students went to PFEW this summer, where they ran a business for a week. This allowed them to get a chance to see what it was like for actual business owners, what they do, how they deal with setbacks, how to understand certain problems, etc.


Competitions will occur later in the year, but the FBLA team needs to begin preparations as soon as possible. Butler will be a counselor to help prepare for competitions.


“She [Butler] has extensive knowledge in the business field, and she can mentor us to become the best young business people we can be,” said Clair. Butler teaches many of the business classes offered at Greater Latrobe such as Principles of Marketing and Accounting, so she is a great role model for the club members to look up to.


The club and leaders have great goals for this first year back, “We plan on advancing from the state level to nationals in order to win the USA competition. We also hope to become better business leaders to help us succeed in the future,” Clair stated.


“The plan is to present the best product we create, and the products themselves should advance us,” he said.


The Future Business Leaders of America wants new members. Any and all are welcome! If interested, please contact Nate Clair ([email protected] or at (724)-972-1628) or Mrs. Butler ([email protected]) for information!