Geographical Informational System

Dianna Dinh, Staff Writer

On April 25th, seven students had an opportunity to experience a trip to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Geographical Informational System (GSI). The GSI is a system that shows plots on where stores, pipes, and etc. are in.

“While we were there, we did hands on experiences with certain programs such as software that professionals use,” said Mr. Bob Saveikis, AP Human Geographic teacher.

Junior, Hunter Bodnar was apart of the program and learned many new things while he was at IUP.

“I learned about how you can map out different parts of the world and different characters like land features and how we can find population using professional geographical informational systems,” said Bodnar.

Some things that Bodnar learned as he was at IUP was looking at undercurrent maps on the geographical system information and seeing things such as population, trees, and other fascinating things in certain areas.

“Some other things that I’ve learned were all the countings around us were leaves, people, and many more things,” said Bodnar.

In GSI, you get to see what undercurrent maps are like which is what professionals use when they build buildings to see where pipes are. Another thing that undercurrent maps show is population in certain areas, for example, populations in countries, cities, and towns are shown. The maps also show land features such as trees and bushes  in certain areas. GSI is a fascinating program, especially if you are interested in geographics. GSI also gives out a 90% employment for people coming out of the program.

Some job opportunities that the program will offer is environmental, private sectors, counties such as Westmoreland, or even Philadelphia; it depends on what branch you plan on going to. You could also work in oil fields, projects, business, almost anything with this fascinating program. Oil fields is a common job opportunity that businesses and program go into because you also get to work with the road systems and where businesses are located in developing towns and cities.