Fit Life of a Teen: Aiden Eury

Molly Bobik, Staff

Over 50 million americans have obtained gym membership in hopes of becoming more fit and active. The health movement has inspired people of all ages, from teenagers to adults. Aiden Eury, a Greater Latrobe senior, is a prime example of the youth of this generation who has dedicated themselves to an energetic, healthy lifestyle.

All of Aidens life, she loved participating in sports and activities. She would run during her free time, she took as many gym classes as possible throughout high school, she swam on the varsity team her junior year, and she was a member of the high school track team.

While Aiden enjoyed those activities, she was drawn to crossfit. When Miss Jordan Zeungus, her high school gym teacher and now crossfit coach, opened her own gym in August of 2017, Aiden jumped at the opportunity to join her crossfit class. Aiden replaced her high school activities with crossfit, but it keeps her just as busy by attending the gym every day. She participates in classes Monday through Friday, team workouts on saturday followed by open gym, and open gym Sundays.

Crossfit is a high intense workout that includes multiple types of activities such as swimming, running, weight lifting, etc. The workouts vary day to day as well as the intensity of each workout. “You can’t put intense workouts in a full entire week,” said Aiden, “but it’s pretty intense.” While many of these workouts also have set time limits in which athletes are given to complete them, Aiden alludes to the fact that almost anyone can complete them and that crossfit can be adjusted to fit all levels of athletes. “It’s for everyone,” said Aiden. “People might think they’re too weak or they’re not fit enough, but the coaches there are really great and they’ll start you from the basics and build you up.”

Since joining crossfit, Aiden has noticed major changes in her body physique. “Gaining muscle was my goal all my life” said Aiden. Now, after about seven months of hard work and dedication to, she has begun to realize that goal. “I’ve gained so much muscle and it’s mostly because of coaches Jordan and Thomas.”

While Aiden found much success with the help of her committed coaches, she also attributed the the positive energy of the gym members keeping her body going when her mind begins to shut down. Aiden said, “There’s time that I think, what the heck am I doing? Why am I doing this?” It is in those moments that she finds support from her gym mates. “They push you as hard as you want to be pushed,” said Aiden. “They will not let you fall down.”  

With trying to balance the hectic life a teenager in high school and participating in crossfit on the side, Aiden said, “You need to eat right.” This can be the most difficult part of a healthy lifestyle for almost anyone and Aiden is no exception. “I don’t really eat well right now,” said Aiden. She realizes though, the importance of a balanced diets from first hand experiences of malnutrition. “It takes our energy away and you can’t work as hard as you want,” said Aiden. With this in mind, she plans to begin a meal prep diet in which she prepares containers of healthy food for the week ahead of time to grab when she wants a quick meal. While Aiden says she is not strict about her calorie intake, she plans to stick to a moderate consumption level with a few cheat days, which “Everyone does,” said Aiden, who will enjoy a big bowl of ice cream every now and then.      

Aiden plans to continue crossfit up until she leaves for basic training for the army national guard in Fort Leonard, Missouri. She plans to use her newly attained strength to aid her in her training instructions.

Aiden’s healthier lifestyle has made her a more active, fit person, while also preparing her for her future of serving and protecting her country and fellows citizens.