Things to do if you’re not going to prom

Dianna Dinh

Are you struggling to find a prom date? Do you personally believe that proms are too pricey? Are you a freshman and simply cannot go to prom? If so, don’t feel upset! Although the night may be special, there are many more things to do to spend your prom night that doesn’t have to be at a dance! Here’s a list of fun activities to do!

  1. Hang out with your family. Why spend money on an expensive gown for a night when you could lay in your pajamas with family? Tell your parents “I’m not going to prom!” and see if they’re willing to call off of work for you and spend some family time. Things to do with your family is to go out on and have a night trip at fun places such as Statlers, go on a hike at places such as Beams Rock, or even go out for dinner and have a nice family bonding!
  2. Hang out with your friends. Are your friends also not going to prom simply because they struggled to find a date, couldn’t afford it, or because they are a freshman as well? Instead of spending a night with each other at a fancy place, why not spend the night with each other at each other houses or go to the movies.
  3. Treat yourself! If you simply could not find a prom date, why not spend that money you were gonna spend on a gown/tuxedo on some clothes and hit your local mall or even drive down the city and shop around! It never hurts to buy some more cute clothings or bathing suits for the upcoming summer. It also wouldn’t hurt to save up that money for some new video games for the guys as well!
  4. Play with your pets. Our pets have shorter lives than us. Why not make the most out of their lives and hang out with them a whole entire night by playing fetch with your dog or cuddling with your pets watching Netflix?
  5. Do some extra work for school. I know, it may sound ridiculous but by the time it’s prom, the school year will almost be over. You see that C in Statistics and Trigonometry? Instead of laying around and doing nothing on prom night, why not email your teacher and see if they could hook you up with any special bonus work or turn in a late assignment you never did. The higher the GPA, the better your chances are at college!
  6. Read a book. Reading really kills time. When you have nothing else to do on prom night, why not just kill some time by reading a brand new novel or some popular trending books such as “13 Reasons Why” to get a better back story on your favorite film?
  7. Netflix. It’s everyone’s favorite. There are so many good series on Netflix, why not get started on one of them and binge watch? You could also invite some friends over who are also not going to prom and have a Netflix night.
  8. Write a cool story for Mrs. Stallings! The High Post is always willing to read other people’s creativity and putting in people’s work on the newspaper. The newspaper is not just for the staff, but it’s for the whole school to come together and be a voice! Did you go on a cool trip a few weeks ago? Feel free to write a story about it and send it to [email protected] for submission!
  9. Play video games! Video games do tend to kill some time, especially when you are so into it. If you have nothing else to do, may as shoot for that first place in a game of Fortnite or aim for that bronze star on Call of Duty!
  10. Do some yard work! By the time May comes, spring will be here, warm weather is here, and long grass will be here too. During the day, offer your neighbors for some help with their yard for some extra summer money or for senior week money for those who are seniors!