Oh The Places You’ll Go This Spring

Molly May, Writer


  1. 30 Minute drive, Beams Rock – Many teens and families love going to this beautiful place.  Many photos are taken with the stunning scenery, especially when the sunsets. Hikers that follow the trails may spend overnight on the rock or make it a pit stop.  Down the road from Beams Rock is Linn Run. Here is where you can find the perfect place to dip you feet in the water at the flat rock or picnic along the stream. This is the perfect place to go for all ages and is even the perfect place to take your dog!


  1. 1 hour drive, Ohiopyle-  A beautiful park with so many things to do.  On a nice day you can mountain bike along the trails  This family friendly place is the perfect way to spend any day.  There are 25.2 miles worth of trails at this park, some trails include: Pressley Ridge Trail, McCune Trail and Sugar Run Trail.


  1. 15 Minute drive, Twin Lakes-  Two lakes separated, but connected.  There is an upper and lower lake that people run, walk and fish around.  At the boathouse, you can pay to rent a boat either for a relaxing time or for fishing.  The park holds festivals, concerts and many other events that lures in the community. There is a playground for younger kids, although the swings can be for all ages.


  1. 45 minute drive, 7 Springs- A mountain full of activities and new adventures for everyone. The Alpine Slide zooms down 1,980 feet going through a ski slope.  Twists and turns downhill offer a quick yet has perfect scenery for any age to enjoy. They offer things to do such as zip lining, horseback riding and many other fun outdoor activities.  


  1. 1 hour drive, Creek Falls- The adrenaline rush is something that everyone gets when they jump off of the cliff into the water.  Walking along the train tracks and through nature is something perfect for teens on a bright sunny spring or summer day. Groups of friends like to spend a day here and love to explore nature.