Reasons to Be Single

Bianca Pate, Assistant Editor in Chief, Online Editor, Copy Editor

I bet during this time of the year, you are contemplating your love life. Many believe that being single during Valentine’s season is terrible, but is it really? I am here to tell you that it is not something to be upset about, for being single during your already stressful years in high school truly is a blessing.

Reasons to Be Single:

  1. High school is already stressful enough… At the end of the day, we are still young, immature high school students. We still are inexperienced and do not fully understand how to deal with stress. With all the homework and tests we already have in high school, adding a boyfriend/ girlfriend just adds even more stress. Often times drama occurs in relationships due to many things such as jealousy and misconceptions. Do you really want to add more stress into your life?
  2. You lose focus of what is important… While you are still in school, the most important thing is focusing on your grades and preparing for life after high school. It may be nice to have someone who is always there to talk to you and be there for you, but at times, significant others prevent you from learning to your fullest potential. Do you ever find yourself in the middle of homework constantly on your phone responding back to your boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, you already have lost valuable time.
  3. Most relationships in high school don’t last… Although it is hard to admit, your high school sweetheart may not be your “true love”. Yes, there are some couples that last throughout high school and some even beyond high school, but that percentage of couples is very few. According to a study conducted by Mel Magazine, “Less than 2 percent of all marriages were between high school sweethearts.” Don’t waste your valuable time in high school
  4. You can pick your dream school.. High school relationships face their biggest challenges when deciding what to do about college. One partner may want to go to one college, while the other wants to go to another. Often times, couples decide that long-distance isn’t the way to go and attend the same college together. If you’re single, you won’t have to worry about throwing away all of your hard work to get into to your dream college just so you can be together in college.
  5. You can focus on your friends… One of the biggest complaints I have heard from the friends of people who are in relationships is that they are often forgotten about. Most times, when people enter a relationship, they stop spending as much time with those who have been with them since the beginning of time. Never forget those who have always been there for you.
  6. You can discover who you are… Use this time in high school to find who YOU as an individual are. We are constantly changing as we are trying to find ourselves. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend hinders your personal growth. You don’t have to be like Cady Heron in Mean Girls who acts like she doesn’t understand Calculus just to woo her dream guy Aaron Samuels. BE YOU!
  7. You have your whole life to settle down with someone… We are in HIGH SCHOOL!! We still have plenty of time to find “the one”. For now, enjoy being young, be you, and be free!