Random Acts of Kindness

Molly May, Assistant Editor in Chief

Giving back is something that everyone should do if they get an opportunity to.  

During the holidays many people choose to do something or buy something for someone that may be in need or just because.  When I was working at Dairy Queen one day a lady handed me a $20 bill.  She told me to give it to the man and his son behind her.  She had no idea who the people were, but she knew she wanted to make their day special.  

There are times where people pay for the person behind them in any drive-thrus.  In  some scenarios a drive-thru could last car after car of people paying for random people.

Even simple things such as holding the door open for someone or telling them to have a nice day or happy holidays is a way to bring joy to someone.  You never know what kind of day or life someone is having, so why not try to make it better?

A lot of people give back by donating toys, clothes, etc. for kids who are in need.  Some families do not have the funds to buy gifts or even warm clothes for their children during the holiday season.  

Waking up on a snowy day when you have to drive never brings good vibes.  Taking the snow off of someone’s car or shoveling the snow so that the person is able to walk to their car is something that they will greatly appreciate.

Acts of kindness is something that everyone should do at some point in their life if not every day.  Making a positive impact on others is something special.  It’s special because people will never forget what you did for them.