Super Bowl Perspective

Molly Bobik, Staff

“I feel pretty decent. Meek Mill definitely helped the Eagles get the win.”

Mike Sullenberger Grade:10

“I believe they won the game by going into the game with a good attitude and they worked together as a team very well.”

Sadie Wetzel Grade:10

“I’m happy, I was rooting for them. I think they had good teamwork during the game.”

Katie Rhodes Grade:11

“I was happy they won. If the Patriots won, they would have tied with the steelers for Super Bowl wins. They work well as a team.”

Rachel Harter Grade:10

“I’m excited that the Eagles won because the Patriots are cheaters and I can’t stand Tom Brady. They didn’t need factors to their success because they were already better that the Patriots to begin with.”

Maura Casey Grade:11

“I am satisfied with the outcome because the Steeler are still the only team that has six Super Bowl wins.”

Katelin Templeton Grade:10

“Very happy. Karma caught up with New England.”

Mr.Pratt Teacher

“I’m glad they won. Now our Steelers still have the most Super Bowls.”

Cameron Dominick Grade:10

“I think they used hardwork and determination to win. I’m happy because they were kinda the underdog of the game.”

Shannon Novello Grade:11

“I like that the steelers are still the only team with six Super Bowl wins.”

Joe Thompson Grade:11