Girls Basketball

Molly May, Reporter

     The girls basketball team has put forth their efforts this season.  In the beginning of the season Coach Fedor was anticipating a good overall season.   “I am excited for this season of basketball!  The girls have been working really hard, most of them putting in time outside of practice working on their skills and weight training!  One important thing the girls have done to prepare for the season is to participate in team bonding activities.  The girls have great chemistry on the court, and I feel that a large part of that comes from how well they get along outside of basketball,” said Fedor.

     “To improve this year we knew we needed to get the team in the weight room, and we did with the help of our trainer, Tony.  It helped us physically as well as mentally,” said senior Shelby Wetzel.

     The time that the girls have put in the weight room and on the court for practice is truly showing off.  The team players not only are there for practice but choose to put extra time in the gym on their own.  “This year our main goal is to use our speed and quickness to our advantage.  We aren’t the biggest team in the WPIAL, but I do believe we can rely on our athleticism.  We have to go into our games with energy and confidence.  Our coach always says “Why not us?” so we all just need to make that our mindset,” said senior Laura Graytok.  

     On January 15, 2018, the Lady Wildcats home game against Penn Hills gave the girls a “feelings that they haven’t had in a while,” said senior Shelby Wetzel.  The score at the end of the 4th quarter was 44-44, which led to overtime.  Even under pressure, players such as senior shooting guard Shelby Wetzel, sophomore forward/guard Lex Pynos, and senior guard Laura Graytok managed to keep scoring which led to a final score of 54-48 with an incredible win.  

     “The season is going really really good so far, and it felt great to beat Penn Hills.  It made us 5-0 in the section which hasn’t happened in a long time,” said senior Mackenzie Markle.

     Top scorer, senior Laura Graytok averages about 24 points each game.  There isn’t a day that goes by that you won’t see her in the court either for practice or on her own.  The dedication she has developed has not only helped her team but has helped her team to lead to great success.  

     Next year she will be attending American University to continue her athletic and academic career.

     “Our goals for the rest of the season consist of winning our section, and being competitive in playoffs.  But to do this we need to take it game by game.  Overall, we love playing together and this season hopefully will show that,” said senior Shelby Wetzel.