Officer Daerr

Molly Bobik, Staff

Officer Robert Daerr is a retired Marine Corps Military Policeman and 25 year Greensburg Trooper. He is currently Greater Latrobe’s school resource officer. Officer Daerr was hired by the district in 2015 after taking a year off following his retirement. “I thought it was a good fit,” said Daerr “I like being around kids.” As the school resource officer, he visits each school daily. His primary role is to ensure the safety of all students and directly confront any threats. Officer Daerr always strives to make himself visible to the students and the public. He wants to be accessible for the kids, but also said, “If there are ever any bad guys I want them to see there’s a police car all the time.” According to Officer Daerr, he enjoys his current position because he always feels wanted, whether it’s helping an elementary student open a carton of milk or just watching over the students as they get on and off their buses.