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Zac Carroll

Zac Carroll, Staff Writer

Greetings GLSD. Zac Carroll is here to take on the beast that is Multimedia Journalism! Writing has always been a passion for me since I was little. It’s funny to learn to do something when you are young and apply those acquired traits to a task in the future. News is important to a society and the people within it that are making a difference deserve to be known. I had an idea last year to host a podcast for the school and to talk with those people that are making that difference. To be able to hear their story of where they fit in society. News can be sad, happy, funny, and even just dumb, but it’s our news and news is still news no matter how dumb it may sound. Thinking about those ideas by just sitting in an English class and presenting a poetry project, but with a twist. After every person's presentation I would personally talk to the person who presented and note all of the good and impactful concepts they talked about. This is my passion. My passion to talk to others, to get their concept of life, and to learn their story. And it all starts with this class.    

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Zac Carroll