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My Brain on College Acceptance

My Brain on College Acceptance

March 22, 2017

Exciting things have been happening these past few months and I cannot stop thinking about them, one in particular is getting accepted into college, the first step to the rest of my life and there aren...

My Brain on Traveling

My Brain on Traveling

December 13, 2016

Instead of being at my desk, I’m sitting in a booth at the Twilight Diner on the side of some dirt road in Pennsylvania. I’m coming home from a short road trip to Rhode Island, and I have a specific d...

My Brain on Fall

Victoria Zasowski, Reporter

October 17, 2016

As I sit here at my desk, watching the clock pass 12am, I realize that fall is finally here. Of all the seasons, fall has to be my absolute favorite. With all the foods and festivities, who wouldn’t want to spend a nice day outside carving pumpkins or even staying inside to bake an apple pie? It’s September 22, which means changes in the weather are going to happen. But, at the moment, we’re in this weird stage w...

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