Lady Gaga Before and After the Monster Ball

Lady Gaga Before and After the Monster Ball

Opinions Before the Pittsburgh Monster Ball

“I have seen Gaga three times. I have even crossed the border to see her. She is an amazing performer and I can’t wait to see her again. I am hoping to get a picture with her.” – Bryce Sulecki, senior

“My excitement level is at an all time high. I feel that the additional tour date was definitely a good idea, gives every fan a second chance to get tickets. I saw the Sepember fifth show front row and it was AMAZING. My next outfit is definitely more creative and so much fun to create.” – Hannah Hemminger, junior

“This is my first Gaga experience. On a scale from one to ten I’m an Alejandro. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for her little monsters, I’m sure it will be great because Gaga doesn’t disappoint.” – Samantha Brooks, senior

“I’m pretty excited for the show. Not like goin cray cray or anything but I think it’ll be a really fun way to spend my Saturday evening”. – Rebecca Taylor, senior

Opinions After the Pittsburgh Monster Ball

“The Monster Ball was incredible. The Scissor Sisters killed it and Gaga was on fire, metaphorically and literally. She never disappoints.” – Bryce Sulecki, senior

“It was amazing as usual. She preached that gospel. I can’t wait for her next tour, she is putting it together right now. It will be magnificent as usual. A few people I talked to that went responded with “I can’t believe she can sing” I am glad to hear that people are starting to realize her true talent.” – Hannah Hemminger, junior

“Gaga knows how to put on one show! She blew me out of the water. Her singing voice is so sick I had no idea she was that talented. I have a whole new respect for her and her music. I would see her again in a heartbeat.” – Samantha Brooks, senior

“The Monster Ball > Prom.” – Rebecca Taylor, senior