Missing You Deeply

It’s 3:04 am
November 24, 2013
I heard as I awoke from my warm and comfy bed
Walking into the room I had a feeling I couldn’t describe
my heart broke into one million pieces
I drop to the ground holding you

for the last time

Shaking, while dialing 9-1-1
“Hello, whats your emergency?”
Crying, Sobbing, Spitting as I speak

explaining what just occurred
I can’t believe you were taken from me

What made him do this to you?
What was going through your mind the moments before?
Why is this all happening?
At this moment, I can’t change what happened
Time will only pass slowly

The day has come
The day I was dreading
Seeing you lay there so peaceful
As the viewing went on I did not shed one tear
I haven’t accepted it

Time goes by
Having you wake me up in the morning is just a memory
I have not accepted the fact that you’re gone
Seeing flashbacks of your smiling face in my dream
Then awakening from seeing the night all over again
I’m missing you deeply