How students feel about first quarter grades.


How do you feel about your grades this quarter?

Molly Yandrick- senior

            I was proud of myself but I didn’t like how the PSSAs affected my grade.

Caitlyn Lucas- junior

            My grades could have been better.

Jodi Musick- senior

            I feel good besides for the PSSAs messed everything up for me.

Kelsey Clark- junior

            They were pretty decent.

Evan Coats- senior

            I’m pretty happy about them, I guess.

Sara Grguric- sophomore

            They seem okay.

Sara DeMine-senior

            They are alright, but they could have been better.

Asher Ernsberger- junior

            Pleasantly surprised.

Nathaniel Moff- senior

            Pretty good but I could have done better in some classes.

Mac Flasher- junior

            I feel I did really well. Better than other years.

Brooke Hebrank- junior

            They were very good!