Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Marcus Morelli.


“Do what you love, love what you do.” said Marcus Morelli, a filmmaker right out of Latrobe. For the lot of people, hobbies don’t become more than hobbies in their lifetime. Morelli had discovered his love of film in the ninth grade when he “messed around” with a camera and shot a parody film called “Gorrest Fump” with his friends. Morelli said that he had always loved film, Spielberg being one of his biggest inspirations for his films later on. His hobby would later evolve into a passion that would lead him to youtube to broadcast his short films to the world.

Youtube allows ordinary people to upload and watch videos. The majority of users have little to no experience with video making and editing. Everything is either self taught, learned through other users’ videos, or learned through courses at college.

Marcus Morelli is a self-taught filmmaker. He graduated from GLSHS and attended Shippensburg for journalism. Morelli has over twenty two thousand subscribers and on his youtube channel, (Skene19films) but says that it doesn’t define him.

Morelli specializes in comedy and music videos. He has done a few for the rising band, Lovebettie. Morelli has done numerous commercial endorsements for different companies, such as Nemacolin (where he met Troy Polamalu at one point.).

Morelli is an advocate for others to teach themselves how to film, edit, and do things cinematically without the help of a degree. It’s all about clicking on a “How To” video. He says that youtube “is a filmmaker’s best friend.” Morelli’s filmmaking has evolved from his early years on youtube. At first, he was reluctant to joining the site. He says that without youtube, he wouldn’t be the filmmaker that he is today. Youtube gives him “instant gratification and keeps him motivated during and between projects.” Olan Rogers and The Lonely Island are two of his favorite youtubers that constantly keep him laughing and motivated. Olan is another self taught youtuber. The Lonely Island was one of the first people that Morelli subscribed to.

Morelli likes to work alone on projects. “You must be able to adapt,” He said. Morelli likes to be apart of his work from start to finish. He is the writer, producer, director, and editor on all of his work. He says that he likes working with crews he had worked with in the past. Others also can slow him down. When he has a vision, he wants it to stay his vision from start to finish.

Morelli pays attention to the world today very closely. He can’t stand reality tv such as the show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. He says that “it’s completely diluted and that there’s too much entitlement that comes from it. They screw with people’s perspectives of the world.” He pays attention to the concept of this generation’s mind. Filmmaking is a business and with that business, one has to pay attention to what people are listening to and watching. This makes film more marketable when it’s relatable to a certain demographic.

Film is a fast paced and growing job field. It isn’t recommended for everyone, but for those who have “motivation, creativity” those who “do not fear failure, and those who can take criticism” are the ones who can make it in the industry, describes Morelli.

Morelli’s parents were always supportive and approving of his wanting to do film as a career. He’s one of the lucky ones. He says that “It’s important for kids to tell their parents that they love it.”

If you want to learn more about Marcus Morelli, click on this link to watch his demo reel or type in Skene19films on youtube.