Brian Drusky: Act On.

Sitting in his office, Brian Drusky is seen in a swivel chair. He checks his email thinking to reply to an artist wanting him to book their band at the Altar Bar. Instead, he receives an email from two anxious journalists asking to meet their favorite artist. He replies a quick “of course” and information about the show. The two girls later would meet Never Shout Never. Many concert promoters would turn the young, novice journalists away. Not Brian Drusky. He thinks of young journalists meeting their goals as much more.

Brian Drusky, a concert promoter for Drusky Entertainment, has been in the entertainment business for almost nineteen years, but just seven for his own company. I like to think of him as an activist of kindness and paying it forward.

Before Drusky Entertainment, Drusky was a promoter for Clear Channel. He took the chance of starting his own business. He now brings bands to small and large venues such as the Altar Bar, Consol Energy Center, Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead, and the Hard Rock Cafe. He has promoted hundreds of bands and artists such as My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Panic at the Disco, Plain White T’s, Emily Osment, John Mayer, John Legend, Heffron Drive, Mayday Parade, You Me at Six, and Fall Out Boy.

Drusky is a professional with a heart. He has the integrity, honesty, and trust that is hard to find in some professionals in the present time. Drusky has supported Latrobe and bands that had come out of Latrobe and Pittsburgh alike. The Rockdown,a charity event that had taken place at Greater Latrobe High School in the past, had bands booked by Drusky, that played for little to no money due to Drusky’s negotiations. Over the years, Drusky had helped the staff on the High Post to bring bands in for the Rockdown with no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I recently caught up with him to find out what his take on paying it forward was.

ERIKA KELLERMAN: Why do you pay it forward?

BRIAN DRUSKY: Life is too short. There is too much animosity in the world and there really isn’t any reason not to do it.

EK: How do you pay it forward?

BD: I like to do good on a daily basis and to make people’s day. If someone needs help, there’s no reason not to do it.

EK: What is the most inspiring thing that you’ve ever seen or heard?

BD: I have a quote on my facebook. It says, “Your life is made of two dates and a dash. Make the most of that dash.”

EK: What do you wish was better about the world?

BD: The fact that people would be better towards one another. And instead of more takers in the world, I wish that there’d be more givers.

EK: What advice can you give about paying it forward?

BD: Try to help people on a daily basis. I’m all about helping people. Try being a good person and help others achieve their dreams and set a good example for others.

This man has given young journalists the opportunity to interview artists out of the goodness of his heart. It is not common in this day and age to find someone who has such power in the music industry (or anywhere really) to reach out and use their authority for good.