The Den Cheers on


A place where only the most dedicated and most school spirited go. A place where it’s all cheering, chanting, yelling, and maybe an occasional “boo” mostly come from at football games. This is where sitting is only acceptable during halftime and being “quiet” is forbidden. This is what what we call, the Den, our student section. Our purpose is to cheer and support our peers and we strongly believe we do a good job at that.

“Friday Night Lights” is usually the big turnout where nearly 200 high school students squeeze in together in the Den designed section. In order to make the Den more exciting than it is already is, we have themes in set to make the games more exciting, to attract more fans, and to create the crazy loud atmosphere. Leader of the pack, senior Marcus Smail says, “This year’s Den is the loudest and most coordinated Den I have ever been in. Proud to be apart of it.” We do a good job living up to that.

Some favorites that have already been showcased – Neon Night, where everyone wears the brightest and flashiest colors. Red White and Blue Night, the weekend in honor of September 11, the Den showed off their patriotism. And everyones favorite, Toga Night, where everyone wears their own plain bedsheet. We all blend in so well for every theme.

Some games, away games, we usually don’t get too many people due to transportation issues. But for the first away game, Fox Chapel for Orange Out, we made the best of that night who traveled to the game. About 30 of us who went, an eighth of their student section, made sure we all knew the chants and we chanted LOUD. To make our Den better and louder we  joined in on chants with the cheerleaders and band. We set the “bar” for what the Den SHOULD be like.

Friday night football games is certainly not the only night the Den supports our student athletes, or at least we shouldn’t. The Den is up and running through all three sporting seasons (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Our athletes practice extremely hard everyday and they deserve the support from their peers to cheer them on. So next sporting event you hear of, be there and support.

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