What are you looking Forward to this Spring?


“Watching the days get longer and as the flowers begin to bloom. ” -Amy O’Hearn, Sophomore

“ My birthday and Easter dinner at the country club!”Chris Nakles, Junior

“ I love the way it rains but it’s sunny at the same time (rainbows).”-Claudia Torillo,Sophomore

“The way you can almost smell spring in the air with the new flowers and the rain.”-Haley Simpson, Senior

“It is my favorite season because it’s awesome and pretty, and relief from the evil bitter cold that is winter,”-Angelina Poole, Sophomore

“I love the warm weather and getting to wear dresses and skirts.”-Katie Hillebrecht, Junior

“Spring Break!” -Megan Smetanka, Junior

“Probably the warmer weather and the trees sprouting their leaves.”-Jessica Brown, Sophomore

“ SUNSHINE! ”-Adam Sarp, Junior

“Being outside without a jacket! Feeling the fresh air.”-Madie Ritter, Sophomore

“My favorite thing about spring is knowing that warm weather is soon to come.” -Mary Yeckley, Senior

“Chocolate eggs!” Alex Jebbour, Junior