Reading Teams Attends Competition


“I love Reading Competition,” said senior Alexa Bell.  The Westmoreland Interscholastic Reading Competition is an event that allows readers to showcase their reading comprehension skills by vying against other schools.    

Due to the number of teams participating, as well as the many questions asked, the competition took place for most of the day.  Thirty eight teams consisting of between eight and twelve members competed this year in four rounds.  “The day was very interesting. Interacting with students from various schools was fun, everybody involved was so friendly,” said sophomore Becca Brubaker, a team member. 

Reading competition is a beneficial lesson in teamwork. Every answer given is a team decision. The magnitude of reliance within the competition contributes to better teamwork skills. Members put time and effort into the competition, in order to broaden their horizons.  Dedication and a love of reading are qualities that the team maintains; coming in at eighth place is the proof.

Beginning in September, meetings for Reading Competition were held once a month.  Members included seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

Preparation for the competition was crucial.  During the six months prior to the competition, team members read books assigned for the competition, including Charles and Emma, Birthmarked, and The Secret Life of Bees .  “I really enjoy having the opportunity to read all of the books because there were books that I normally would not have read,” said sophomore Jessica Yasher. “I have done reading competition for the past four years and each year is always a lot of fun, especially getting to compete with your friends.”  

Students took notes on the novels, and they made their own practice questions that helped the readers remember minute details from the stories.  Each member had a partner. Partners read the same selection of novels in order to discuss key details amongst themselves.

Appropriately, Latrobe’s team name was The Great Catsby, created by team member Amanda Adams. Their team color was pink, and the neon t-shirts were matched with pink bows worn in each girl’s hair. “One of my favorite parts of the reading competition was looking at all the creative and colorful t-shirts. Some of them were pretty witty,” said sophomore, Emily Bozelli.

An award ceremony occurred immediately following lunch.  The Great Catsby won all four of the rounds they competed in.

“My favorite aspect of reading competition is seeing the students so excited about reading books. The competition is truly thrilling, and students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a fun and positive atmosphere. It is very rewarding,” said Miss. Riebel, leader of Reading Competition.