The Den 2010-2011


Reitz’s Raiders – the 2010 Greater Latrobe football student section, better known as The Den, is already firing on all cylinders and doing their part in helping to create a lively, intense, and creative way to show support for the 2010 Wildcats.  With noise makers, bubble machines and raucous and rockin’ chants and cheers, Reitz’s Raiders are hoping to make a positive difference for their classmates who are working hard on and off the field to become a football team that Wildcat fans can be proud to call their own.  There is even a Facebook group “Wildcat Den 2011” that is a complete source of reliable information on such things as directions to the field, what to wear (whether it is the homemade shirts created by puff paint, or your outrageous camo outfits), and after the game you can exchange opinions and thoughts on the game and ways to improve the Den for the next game.  This webpage is a must for anybody wanting to be a part of The Den.  

Every Friday night, approximately 200 Wildcat faithful pack the stands, leaving little room for any late arriving students a chance to file in.  The Den assists the team by being the “twelfth man” and providing loud (and sometimes obnoxious) chants in hopes of creating a chaotic atmosphere to disrupt the opposing team that will, at the same time, benefit our ‘Cats. The environment Reitz’s Raiders create helps bring a festive and entertaining evening for all involved.  Those involved range from seniors to sophomores who know that they are a part of something positive that will show plenty of school spirit.  The Den tries to match the intensity and enthusiasm of those who take the field each and every game.  And don’t think the guys on the field don’t notice The Den.  

“They pump up our team by screaming like crazy and it definitely helps, especially when we might be losing or just made a bad play. The Den does more than they know for our team,” said senior football player D.J. Rossi. The voices can be heard across the stadium passing excitement to all other Latrobe fans.

Senior Chris Dudzenski, who is one of the Den leaders, says “The goal of The Den is to make as much noise as possible through chants, cheers, and Jake Leyland’s vuvuzela. Not only are we an intimidating student section to play in front of but we boost the overall hype the players get on game nights. I don’t have the pleasure of cheering in The Den during basketball season so football is where it all comes out.  And 200 plus students in the student section on game nights makes it a great experience for all of us – from the tailgates at (Memorial Stadium) to the caravans for away games. It’s also a great way for our student body to get together and just enjoy the companionship of each other and dress up in unique outfits according to our weekly “themes”. We are The Den and by far the greatest student section in all of the WPIAL.”

In addition to homemade shirts made by the students, senior Bobby Baker designed specific “Orange Crush” shirts for The Den to wear throughout the remainder of this football season and the upcoming basketball season. “The speech Mr. LoCascio gave on the first day inspired me to make the shirts and give hope to every senior to graduate this year.” The shirt has “Orange Crush, The Den, Twenty Ten” written on the front and the 2011 class motto “No Empty Seats” written on the back.  

One thing is for certain, no matter the weather or the final score of the game, every student knows the fun and excitement each week brings watching the football game under the Friday night lights.  So if you haven’t been a part of The Den yet, make a point to be there at the next game.  I promise you it will be something you will not soon forget.  All you need to bring is a loud voice and plenty of exuberance.  Then you, too, will be a part of Greater Latrobe’s inimitable “Den”.