Opposite Personalities Grow Friendship Through Volleyball

“Sometimes opposites attract, and find out they’re not as opposites as they thought.” – Allie Brennan.


Tyler Nelson

Nelson and Havrilla going up to block in an intense matchup section matchup during the 2022 volleyball season.

Giovanna Jones, Co-Editor and Chief

 Renowned psychologist Robert Winch came up with the famous saying “Opposites Attract.” Could two people who have completely different personalities and characteristics attract one another? If so, would this result in a successful friendship? Two senior members of the boys volleyball team are the epitome of how correct the statement “opposites attract” truly is. 

Tyler Nelson and Josh Havrilla met in 7th grade at junior high volleyball tryouts. Outgoing Tyler met shy, reserved Josh and that was the beginning of an amazing friendship. This friendship has only gotten stronger over the years through volleyball and life’s challenges. Tyler and Josh both believe that two completely opposite individuals do not have a chance of becoming close without a common interest. Josh believes that “a good friendship comes not from similarities, but by finding someone who you trust and enjoy being around.” 

Individually they have both faced their own sets of challenges. Tyler said, “I am blessed with great parents and grandparents, but I was never blessed with a sibling, more specifically a brother.” In 2003, Tyler’s brother, Adam, unfortunately passed away. Not having that companionship or brotherly company has always been a “tough pill to swallow” for Tyler. Luckily for him, Josh stepped into his life and filled the missing role of “brother.” 

Josh and Tyler are brothers on and off the volleyball court. On the court Josh is the setter, the playmaker, and leader of the offense. Off the court, he is known as a quiet, reserved, smart, and crazy athlete. On the court, Tyler is one of the two outside hitters, a dominant scorer, and captain. Off the court, he is known to be comical, loud, and super involved in school and volleyball. 

Although they have different personalities their one main thing is common is volleyball. Their attributes create a good mix of different leadership styles on the volleyball court that is essential to the team’s success. Their experience playing the sport together and abilities to effectively communicate with one another sets them apart from any other setter-outside hitter duo in the WPIAL. Josh said,“We both know how each other plays, so as a setter, it makes it easier for me because I know where he likes the volleyball to be set. Our court dynamic is similar to off the court in the way that we trust each other during the game as we would outside the sport.”

Going into their senior season of volleyball these two hope to be successful with a WPIAL playoff run and to make it to the PIAA tournament. Their friendship, passion, and experience will lead their team in directions the Latrobe Men’s Volleyball Team has never seen before. 

With time in highschool dwindling down, Tyler and Josh prepare to step into their lives and friendship outside of highschool. Tyler has decided to attend Pennsylvania State University in the fall and play club volleyball, while Josh is still undecided on his college future, but is holding St. Vincent College as a top choice to play volleyball and tennis. With college and distance, holding a strong friendship with people from high school is super difficult. Tyler said, “Obviously we won’t see each other as often, but the bond we have won’t ever just go away. My current friends have taught me family is not just blood it is those who make you smile and be the best version of yourself, and with that Josh will always be my brother.” 

Josh became the brother Tyler always needed, while Tyler became the best friend Josh always wanted. Josh thinks that “college will be a big change,” but he and Tyler will always be there for each other. That’s true friendship and brotherhood, something these two seniors with opposite personalities will forever be grateful to the Greater Latrobe Men’s Volleyball Program for.