The Start to a Different Lacrosse Season

With spring sports being cut very short in Spring of 2020, athletes were very upset with the loss of their season. There is hope that there will be sports in the spring this year and this years seniors won’t have to go through the same thing as the seniors last year with losing their season. Speaking to a girl on the lacrosse team can really get an inside look into someone’s thoughts on the season.

One student looking forward to this season of girls lacrosse would be Junior Sarah Matsko, “After having our 2020 season cut short, I am excited to play with my team gain. I hope that we can have a competitive season this year.” 

So far we are hoping to have a good season and being able to play again. Although there are always concerns and people wondering what is going to happen due to the pandemic the hope is that the same things won’t happen to the season like last year. There are a lot of freshmen who didn’t even get to have a season last year and some of those players it was  their first year, while some had already got to play in middle school. 

In the past few weeks with school being online and not knowing whether we are going to come back or not there has been speculations on if there is going to be a season this year. 

Matsko said, “With all of the chaos that has been happening these past few weeks, all I can hope is that we have the most normal season possible.” 

With the season approaching players know that the season will be a little different from what they have seen from fall and winter sports. “The games and practices will be different than what we are used to, due to covid restrictions.” This year we are just hoping to have a good season and being able to play with each other again since the season was cut short last year. 

While we haven’t been able to play officially as a team together there are some players that will get together and just practice some skills. “While we haven’t all been able to practice together, a small group of us go down to the field to work on shooting, passing, and defensive skills”, says Matsko. 

Since the season hasn’t started yet some of the girls from the team have been able to participate in a league on Thursday nights at PISA (Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena). This is something that brings some players together considering that they haven’t played with each other since March, and some haven’t even played lacrosse since March. 

Everyone is just hoping to have a great season and be able to play with their friends and teammates even though there might be some restrictions it is still fun to get together with everyone and be able to play.