Spanish Club Book Reading


Spanish club members at Greater Latrobe gave back to their community on April 28 with the Spanish book reading at Adams Memorial Library.  This is the library’s second year hosting the event in which preschool and elementary age children hear Spanish stories from high school students.  Ms. Herc, the librarian who started the program, got the idea from a book called Book Fiesta that talks about the event Children’s Day, also known as Book Day.  This day is a celebration of different cultures and sharing those cultures with young children through literature.  Herc decided to model this event in her own library and have it open to children of all ages.  Ms. Herc then thought that the program would be even more successful with help from students who pose as role models for the young children.  “I like getting the older kids working with the younger ones. It feels like a strong community effort,” said Herc.

Miss Harvey, who organized the high school students, plans to continue the tradition for years to come.  “As long as we are invited back I would love to continue going with students,” said Harvey.

Not only was the experience enjoyable for the young children but also the high school students that participated.  “I liked being able to teach kids about the Spanish culture,” said Spanish IV student, Laura Deluca.

Book day is becoming a fun tradition at Latrobe’s Adams Memorial Library that will educate students on other cultures for years and years to come.