Ms. Sherrie Dunlap Returns to GLSD


“It takes going away to realize what you want to do with your life,” stated Sherrie Dunlap, Greater Latrobe’s new director of Public Relations and Center for Student Creativity assistant.

Dunlap, a 2005 GLSHS graduate was very involved with theater, plays and musicals, as well as chamber choir during her days as a student. Additionally, through the high school publications, she found her passion for journalism and writing. She recalls being part of the  Serendipity staff, becoming editor and experiencing all aspects of the world of journalism – writing, layout, and business.

After graduating in 2005, Dunlap attended St. Vincent College, participating in similar activities. She continued to partake in musicals and publications in college as a member of the newspaper staff during her freshman year and eventually became editor-in-chief her sophomore thru senior years.  She worked in the public relations office in college and also took numerous internships that combined both of her passions, journalism and service, volunteering for the Central Westmoreland Habitat for Humanity. There, she created newsletters, worked on public relations and advertised for various events.

Her philanthropist attitude continued throughout college, taking numerous service trips, including trips to Appalachia and Pittsburgh feeding the homeless. On a large scale, she visited Brazil for another humanitarian project. This is when she realized her true passion in life, “I realized that I wanted to purse public relations in a nonprofit cause atmosphere,” added Dunlap. “I love the work that they do.”

Ultimately, Dunlap graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts and Communications, focusing in public relations and psychology from Saint Vincent College.  

Through AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers and Service to America), a service organization founded in 1960s as a compliment to PeaceCorps to do service in the United States, she took a year of service in Olympia, Washington at South Puget Sound Community College. In addition to starting their service-learning program, she marketed programs to students, faculty and the community. Her year was up in the Fall of 2010 and she returned home in hopes of finding a job where she could continue public relations in non-profit educational areas.

This enthusiasm led her to Greater Latrobe School District, where she excitedly brought her service to her home district. “It’s a humbling and exciting experience to be working with the teachers and mentors that I have always respected and admired, now as my own colleagues,” expressed Dunlap. “I’m grateful to be back and putting my skills and experience into working for and promoting my home district, one with so many opportunities and achievements.”

Her position as Director of District Public Relations involves many tasks. She is in contact with media for GLSD, writes press releases, requests media at special events, posts items to the district website, updates the website calendar, and ultimately keeps everything up to date and expands press contacts so the knowledge of district is spread. She commented, “[Latrobe] is a small, but great town!” She is also the new voice of the global connect information calls.

Miss Dunlap’s assistance in the Center for Student Creativity is prominently witnessed. She works with Mrs. Golden to schedule events within the district and throughout the community and also with the Art Conservation Trust. Dunlap learned many unique and exciting stories about the special art collection when she was trained by Mrs. Nakles to give art tours. Additionally, she works with other museums for art loans, which shows the value of the collection and spreads awareness of the district and generous community members. She added, “We are lucky to live in a town that has such great foundation and so many philanthropist attitudes in the community and the diversity of events occurring in the Center for Student Creativity exhibits this.”

Dunlap described herself as the “proud Grandma” who is able to tell everyone of the amazing things happening in each of the five school buildings. From her days as a student in the district, she knows the countless opportunities that exist. Dunlap knows that she benefited from the strong relationship between GLSD and the community and the teachers that go above and beyond. “Graduating from GLSD provides a great foundation for the future ahead for students,” stated Dunlap, recalling her freshman year in college when she was ahead of the game in many of her classes.

With almost three months working in the district, she hopes to continue to do her job to the best of her ability and continue to set goals. “My mission to do this is very important to me,” reflected Dunlap.