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Sydney Laidacker
My name is Sydney Laidacker.  I am a freshman at Greater Latrobe High School.   This is my first year to be apart of the High Post team and it won’t be my last!  As my future career I want to be a TV/Radio Broadcaster. I want to attend Emerson College, in Boston Massachusetts.  I have one younger brother named Austin, and surprisingly we actually get along. My favorite hobbies are writing, photography, drawing, singing, and acting.  I love writing and getting peoples opinions about different topics. I like expressing my opinions in writing for others to see. One of my favorite things is to capture life’s most beautiful moments in one photo.  I love photography a lot, because you can express everything without using words. I draw all the time. It is so relaxing to me and makes my creative side come alive the most. I usually draw cartoon characters because they are so cute and fun to draw. I was in Choral Cats for two years. Choral Cats was such a great experience for me because you got to meet new people that had the same interest and passion as you. I am always singing no matter where I go! I also love acting because you get to embody a character and that character becomes part of you!  I was in several musicals. You may remember Peter Pan Jr. and The Lion King Jr.! These two musical brought everyone together, we also got to meet new people, experience new things, and put on a great show for the public! I loved being apart of both of these musicals! I am apart of the drama club and French Honor Society. French is also fascinating, because you get to learn the customs of others and learn their language. I am planning on going to Quebec this upcoming summer on the French trip which I am so excited for! I love listening to music! I am usually listening to pop music and occasionally the 80’s!

Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer

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