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Abby Shaffer
My name is Abby Shaffer. I’m often found sparking up conversations that usually don’t come up at the dinner table. My mind is filled with curiosity about the world around me. Some may call me an old soul. I am fascinated by the little things in life. Just looking up at the night sky makes me question my whole existence. For the astrology enthusiasts like me, I’m an aquarius. Music, another simple pleasure, is one of my favorite getaways. I spend my free time finding songs that put my thoughts into words when I am not able to. I’d like to call myself adventurous, as I am always taking risks. In fact, if I were to die tomorrow, I could say without hesitation that I lived a fulfilling life without regrets. As a new member of the High Post, my motivation stems from my goal of forcing people to think about their surroundings. With the overpowering impact of technology, our communication skills are weak and we lose sight of what’s important. I want students to know their peers outside of school and acknowledge the abundance of creativity and talent Greater Latrobe School District has.

Abby Shaffer, In-Depth Editor

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Abby Shaffer