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Becca Reed
Hello, my name is Becca Reed and I am very excited to be in this class.  Outgoing, helpful and joyful are words to describe myself.  This is my first year taking Multimedia Journalism and I will continue to take it throughout this year and the next.  Some things to know about me are that I play soccer, swim and have many siblings.  I have been playing soccer since I was very little and I joined the schools swim team my Freshman year.  I really enjoy both sports and will maybe play soccer in college.  This summer I worked two jobs, Dunkin Donuts and as a Lifeguard at Wimmerton pool.  I love working at Wimmeton because I got to enjoy the sunshine with a nice tan while I was on duty.  Dunkin Donuts is also a great job to work at, sometimes it can be very stressful but overall great people and I love working there. I have only been working there since mid June and I learned very fast how to make all the coffees, latte and many other drinks. I am a pro at making coffee and everyone's weird drink creations. You would be very surprised of what people ask for in their coffee. More about myself, is that I do like to read and love hanging out with friends. The only books that I read are murder mystery, scary and thriller books.  I love books like that because in the future I want to become a Forensic Psychologist. The one thing in life I will look back on is that I have a good life and hang out with all of my friends. In the future, I am so excited for college and moving on to something better in life.  I am really not sure if I want to stay here or move far away and start a new life.  I am so very excited for what the future holds and I hope for the best.

Becca Reed, Staff Writer

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Becca Reed