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Gabi Lesko

Gabi Lesko is a reporter for the Greater Latrobe High School High Post. This is her first year being on the team, and she is ready to take on the challenge. Her goal as a reporter is to help keep the student body informed in what is going on in the school in a positive way. She is currently a senior, and is 18 years old. She is a very outgoing, loving, and confident. Not only is she all of those characteristics, but she is very athletic as well. She has been doing gymnastics almost all her life. She trains at Gym Dandys, in Washington PA, five days a week for 4 hrs. Anyone who knows the name Gabi Lesko knows that she is a gymnast, she kinda has that title placed on her. This sport has always came close to first in her life, causing her to say no to most parties and football games, just so she could go to practice and make her dreams come true. All of that hard work and dedication proves that Gabi is not one to give up when things get tough. Gabi tends to be lazy most of her days off. She lays around watches Netflix, talking on the phone, and anything that doesn't take much effort so she can just chill and relax. Gabi is always up to talk to anyone, so if you want someone to talk too, she is always there for you.


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Gabi Lesko